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Joy 9:29am Jun 6

Glad you got it okay. And I am always promoting your salve. My husband got his hand mangled at work a couple weeks ago and had to go to emergency. After they cleaned his hand and were going to apply their antiseptic ointment, he told them that he would rather use your beeswax salve and the doctor totally agreed with him. The hand healed with no infections and looks good. My younger son works as a butcher's apprentice and someone seems to always be getting cut or nicked so I always make sure he has lots of your salve and his boss even uses it.   Hope you also have a great summer and I will chat with you again on my next order.


Fri, 28 Jan

you sent a sample and i liked it. i purchased a 4 oz.

container to use on PSORASIS AND DRY SKIN. the salve works so well it lessens the degree of redness of the psoriasis, moisturizes .. the sample on has virtually disappeared! it is very good and i so appreciate your offering the sample for it led me to salve. I have to tell you that this is the best thing I have found in 40 years of searching ! I have a small problem with Psoriasis ,and nothing on the market has really helped. Oh sure. things moisturized for a little while, but nothing really helped the skin to STAY moisturized! Your salve does just that!! John


I tried a couple of different things to heal the scars like cocoa butter and also Mederma which cost me $14 for a 0.70 oz tube I also tried the beeswax salve and between the 3 the beeswax helped the scar not only heal faster but it also helped diminish scars appearance.You got a real winner of a product here and I would like to thank you for the free sample. Ken - Mar. 16, 2010


Dec. 10

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This stuff works miracles! I have awful chapped, dry, bitten (a horrible habit) lips and within 2 days of using your salve they were soft and no longer chapped and dry! My 2 year old also complained of being itchy (due to his eczema) so I rubbed a little on the patch and he stopped scratching immediately! I will be placing my order soon! I also passed the link to your website ontoseveral friends and families and told them how wonderful your product is - so much better than the Burts Bees brand! Angie


I have BURNED my arm on a deep frier and put the beeswax on it, no blistering or pain! Rhea


Julie, I tried the salve on my son's face last night, and his ECZEMA was 50% better this morning when he got up. I am sold on your beeswax salve it's the best! I would like to order a 16 oz jar please. My son is thrilled that his face felt and looked so much better in just one night. Thank you for making such a Great product. My son is 13, and he already feels so much better about his appearence thank you. April L.


I received the sample in the mail today, thank you. I noticed an instant difference! My LIPS have been dry/cracked for about three weeks despite using tons of Blistex, ChapStick, etc. ONE application of your salve & they felt better, within a couple hours (two applications) they started to smooth out. Thank you Jill G.


Just so you know, I use it every night before I go to sleep. It clears up ACNE, has helped clear up HIVES and is excellent for my LIPS. Thank you so much and I will definately keep in touch to order more in the future!



Wow! This stuff works VERY well. I am impressed. I had cut my thumb with a knife while working in the kitchen. It had gotten infected. I put on the Salve and before I knew it the INFECTION was cleared up. Mea C


Mon, 7 Mar

your Beeswax Salve has came to a rescue last night. My husband Robert owns and operates a mechanic business. Last year he started having a chemical allergies to the products he uses. Long story short the RX he has been using for a year that hasn't helped a bit anyway was pulled from the shelves last week. Last night I put the Salve on his legs and arms.. What a big approvement... Thank you once again.. I lost your website. Can you email it to me again. I will be placing another order. I will need two more jars. One for each bathroom and one for my husbands truck.    Tammy


Aug. 7

This Bee Salve is a great product! I know it's something people always hear when trying new products, but it truly is fabulous! I love it! It's an organic product (which I totally love). It works great for dry areas of skin especially. But I have also used it for burns and cuts. I have year-round allergies and was off over the counter medication for a week and was constantly congested. My nose was stuffy and runny, due to the runny nose, my nose cracked and the Bee Salve aided and protected from getting worse, giving room to heal! It's a must try product-simply amazing! - Kuristi, AZ


Aug., 2020

Works better than Carmex or Chapstick!  


Nov., 2020

This stuff is amazing and is a miracle healer!  Christa E